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Flight Sessions

All of our Flight Sessions are designed to give you a first-hand taste of this unique experience in Alaska aviation.  While this experience has nostalgic, scenic, and recreational elements, it is an instructional session--with you at the controls and an entry in your flight logbook.

We offer two tiers of choices for our sessions, and these can be adjusted to match your needs accordingly.  Just call for a quote.

The Day Session-  

Spend a day in the Goose, starting out with a morning briefing to familiarize you with the airplane, and 3 hours of flying spread throughout the day, which includes a picnic lunch served at a lake. Where you go and what you do during the session is up to you. You can focus on water work at a nearby lake, fly through the mountains to see glaciers and land at scenic, secluded lakes, or pursue any other training goals you might have.  $4,900

One Hour Familiarization Flight-  

Learn about the Goose and get a feel for flying it during a one-hour session. This is a half-day session that involves a briefing about the airplane, and an hour-long flight that includes air work, takeoffs, landings and water work. Including time spent on the water, you'll log about 1.5 hours.  $1650

Glacier Alaska MES Rating
Grumman Goose Flight Training MES Rating
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