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The Goose Hangar:  B-81 LLC

An Exclusive Experience.


The Goose Hangar is a flight instruction company like no other in the world.  We offer flight training and ratings in our Grumman Goose "N703" and operate out of Anchorage, Alaska, flying into destinations that offer unsurpassed beauty--while giving you an once in a lifetime training experience. 


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Grumman Goose B81 Alaska Flight Instruction MES Seaplane Rating Multi Engine Sea Training
Grumman Goose Multiengine Seaplane Rating MES

One Amazing Aircraft.


The Grumman Goose is an aircraft with a rich history.  N703 is the most original remaining Grumman Goose in the world.  Privately owned, and completely restored in 1996,  the airplane has been a common sight over Anchorage for nearly 20 years and attracts both locals and visitors wherever it operates. 


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Flight Training Like No Other.


Training sessions can include bush flying, multiengine seaplane, amphibious, and mountain instruction that cannot be matched anywhere else or with any other equipment.


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Grumman Goose Flight Instruction Cockpit
Takeoff MES Rating Preservation

Our Mission: Preservation.


The training operations support our commitment to keep this 70 year old aircraft in the air and out of a museum through raising funds for preservation.  Your training and donations help keep the Goose flying.


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