Video Gallery  

Actual Flight Training Footage

From The Goose Hangar in

our Grumman Goose

Footage from an unusually clear

day over Mount Spurr to the

West of Anchorage

Grumman Goose takeoff from Crescent Lake, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Water work:  Takeoff, landing, beaching at Crescent Lake, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

A common sight in Anchorage, our Goose gets a lot of positive attention from all walks.

An interview with Goose owner

John Pletcher, courtesy of our friends at Alaska Aviation Link.

B-81 LLC dba The Goose Hangar

Anchorage, Alaska


     B-81 LLC, 2015


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     "If you have an appreciation for old seaplanes and Alaskan wilderness, we guarantee to deliver a memorable experience that is not available anyplace else in the world, or in any other airplane."


                    -John Pletcher, B-81 LLC Managing Member