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What is it like to fly N703?

A One-of-a-Kind Experience


The Goose is a well-balanced, responsive airplane that has a good feel to it and is one of those airplanes that is just enjoyable to fly.  


As Gooses go, N703 is an especially nice flying airplane with an unusually straight airframe.  It has many of the basic "personality traits" of other old airplanes that were built for good handling rather than for speed and efficiency.  As a monohull seaplane, the Goose operates differenty on the water compared

with float planes. 

Grumman Goose takeoff Lake Hood Alaska
Goose cockpit thru windows
Warbirds Goose Awards



  • Champion Seaplane, OshKosh, 1998

  • Grand Champion Warbird, Arlington, Washington, 1998

  • Featured on the cover of Warbirds Magazine, Aug 1998 (left)


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