Our Goose: N703

This Goose, serial number B-81, carried Bureau of Aeronautics Number (Bu. No.) 37828 in military  service which began August 31, 1944.  In civilian service for the US Fish and Wildlife Service it was given the designation N703, which is the FAA tail number.  Many of the markings on the fuselage reflect the aircraft military service during World War II.



Our Goose was manufactured and approved by the military August 31, 1944 as a JRF5.  It first saw service with the United States Marine Corps, and was stationed at several Naval Air Stations including  Annapolis, Point Mugu, and Santa Barbara.


In the 1960's it was surplussed to the US Fish and Wildlife Department, and operated out of Anchorage until being sold to a private owner in 1974.



N703 then sat dormant in the weeds on the shore of Lake Spenard (part  of Lake Hood seaplane base at Anchorage international Airport) until being purchased by John Pletcher, and restored to original condition.  Ownership has recently been transferred to      B-81 LLC, which now owns and operates the aircraft. 



The focus of the restoration was to keep it simple--bringing it back to its original condition from the 1940's.  The restoration took nearly two years of work, totalling over 8000 labor hours.  Since the airplane spent a long time in storage with the military and saw very few modifications, N703 is likely the most original military Goose in existence. 



Since 1996 our Goose has been a familiar sight flying out of Anchorage, Alaska.


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B-81 LLC dba The Goose Hangar

Anchorage, Alaska



     B-81 LLC, 2015


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