Our Mission: Preservation

A Unique Approach


What better way to help "keep 'em flying" than to offer the flight community a chance to fly an original Grumman Goose--in a location that makes it a once-in-a-lifetime experience?  


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Inevitably, our Goose will run out of flying time.  It will soon need an overhaul on both engines and its propellers, and this is quite an expensive undertaking!



In addition to offering the flight instruction service, we are also taking donations directly to our LLC.  All donated funds will be used only for the soon to be needed maintenance and required inspections of this remarkable and unique vintage aircraft.



Contact Us to extend your help, and thank you for your donation!

B-81 LLC dba The Goose Hangar

Anchorage, Alaska



     B-81 LLC, 2015


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     "If you have an appreciation for old seaplanes and Alaskan wilderness, we guarantee to deliver a memorable experience that is not available anyplace else in the world, or in any other airplane."


                    -John Pletcher, B-81 LLC Managing Member