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Book Your Flight Instruction

Congratulations on your decision to book an instructional flight with us! 



Each instructional flight is uniquely designed to match each of our clients' needs, so booking a flight requires a one-on-one discussion about the details. After talking with you about your specific goals, we will describe what we can offer and give you a firm quote. 




**Weather In Alaska**



The weather in Alaska always demands respect and flexibility when flying.  The Goose Hangar is committed to safety and to flying in favorable conditions only.  With this policy, we have to be as flexible to the weather as it allows.  We will shift flight plans, dates, or if necessary--cancel flights altogether if the weather does not cooperate with our plans.



Rest assured that if we must alter plans due to unfavorable weather, you will receive full credit for fight time or a full refund of any deposit if we are forced to cancel.







All flights are customized to your instructional needs.



Please submit the inquiry form below and one of our crew members will contact you about your individual instructional flight details and rates.  


We look forward to hearing from you!

Flight Instruction Grumman Goose Hangar
Flight over lake hood
Goose Beaching Alaska

We do not share your information with anyone else, ever.

And we hate spam.

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