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Get Your Rating

This offering allows you to add a Multi-engine Seaplane (MES) rating to your private, commercial, or ATP certificate.


Ideally, applicants for the MES rating would already have MEL and SES ratings, and arrive current in both.  Training covers all maneuvers listed in the PTS.  The estimated time required for the rating varies depending on the background of the applicant, but would generally range between 5-10 hours.  The checkride would be provided by an FAA examiner at the Anchorage FSDO.  For information about FAA related Practical Test Standards (PTS), click here.


An Exclusive Service

While the opportunity to acquire the MES rating in the Goose is unique, The operating costs and quality of the aircraft make it impossible to offer this experience at a rate comparable to that in a lesser aircraft..  There are excellent package courses available on the market in less capable airplanes—but if you would like to reach this goal in the Goose, we are happy to offer this to you as well.


Alternatively, we can provide seaplane instruction, training, and Grumman checkouts in your own airplane if preferred.

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