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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is your Goose?

Our Goose (N703) was built in 1944 and was transferred throughout the military and private industry, until being restored in 1996.  Click here for to learn more about our Goose.



Where did your Goose come from?

It was origninally produced for use in World War II and served at Annapolis Naval Air Station and and other similar Naval Air Stations along the California coast.  It was transferred to the Department of the Interior and served with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska, and was finally restored in Anchorage.  Learn more here.



What is your flight schedule?

We book flight instruction on an individual basis in order to accommodate our clients' needs, goals, and experience.  If you think you're ready to book, try this link for details.



What are your rates?

We tailor rates to your training needs.  Please contact instructor Burke Mees for a discussion.  Generally the rates can be found at the “Details and Pricing” page on this website. See also our "What To Expect" page by clicking here.  



How long are your flight instruction sessions?

This depends on the individual flight instruction objectives of each client.  We have broken down some flight instruction times on our Destinations page.  Click here to learn more.



Where do you fly?

We have a very wide radius of flight instruction destinations.  North to the Alaska Range/Denali, West to Clark State Park, South to the Kenai Peninsula, or East to the Chugach Mountains and the Prince William Sound area.


The real questions are:  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to learn about flying a multiengine seaplane in the Alaskan environment?  


For descriptions and photos of our common destinations and flight instruction, click here.

What experience do I need in order to qualify for flight instruction?

Each pilot is evaluated on both experience, flight hours, current ratings, and history of your flying career.  This is done on an individual basis.



What about poor weather conditions or mechanical problems?

Weather or a mechanical problem can always be a factor.  We do *not* fly under unsafe or poor conditions.  Because of this policy, we are dedicated to flexibility and though we cannot refund your travel costs, we will offer a full refund of all deposits if it is decided that we cannot fly.  Watching the weather before your trip is imperative--but even if your flight is cancelled or rescheduled, a trip to Alaska is never a bad thing.  There is so much to do in Anchorage and the surrounding area.  Click here for more.



Do you allow passengers?

We allow one passenger or family member to fly along with us during flight instruction sessions.  To see more about what to expect on your visit, click here.



Do you offer flightseeing tours?

No. Flightseeing is based on separate licensure governed by State and Federal Regulations--but the scenery you'll encounter on your flight is remarkable in itself.  All flights involve instruction and multiengine seaplane operations including water work, Bush flying, mountain flying, water taxiing, beaching, anchoring, and a similar operation.



Do you allow video recording of flights?

We encourage it!  We have installed a GoPro camera mount on both the left wing and inside the cockpit so you have the opportunity to record as much of the flight as you would like.  It's yours to keep, but if it's posted, we ask that you tell everyone where to find us!



What's the best way to book a flight instruction session?

Flight instruction is best begun with a clear knowledge of your goals, a date in mind, readily available logbooks describing your experience, and a visit to this page to begin the process.  We recommend sending a message to us first, then getting a conversation started in order to book.


How do I donate to your preservation cause?

First, thank you for considering us, and rest assured that all donations are set aside for the preservation costs of our Goose. Contact us for information on how to make a donation.

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